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Engage all of your senses to improve your sleep

Engage all of your senses to improve your sleep

Improving sleep using your senses: 



During night time and the hours before going to sleep, try to avoid blue light exposure, and bright light in general. How? Try reducing your time watching screens (TV, computer or phone) to minimum, dim the phone’s light or use the phone’s night-shift mode, create yellow-lighting areas where you spend your evening and night. You can even enjoy a candle light, just remember to use it safely.



Take a moment to think, what does your best sleep sound like? (no, I don’t mean snoring this time). Is it completely quiet? Is there any noise? What kind of noise? Music? Talking? White noise? Try creating your sleeping environment optimal for those needs. By the way, you know you can use any related app when your phone is charged with the Elvy Charger, right? Get all the benefits of your phone being close to you, without the radiation. Same habit, just safer.


Fragrances have a tremendous effect over our memories and experiences. Try it yourself - can you remember how your grandparents’ house used to smell? The rain? The last time you fell in love? Your partner’s perfume?

Takes us back to the scene, doesn't it? 

Aromatherapy can definitely affect our quality of sleep and our dreams. Try to figure out what kind of smell soothes you and your bedroom partner, and dedicate a few moments to create it. You may choose any kind of diffuser, a scenic candle, aromatherapy spray for sheets or pillows, and for those of us who feel lazier… a cup of tea placed in a safe spot will get the job done.

Elvy’s Purple-Standard Tip: 
If choices regarding aromas and smells are not really your cup of tea, try a lavender extract, trust us. 



One more important question to ask about your sleep hygiene would be “what can you do to improve the sensation of your skin to ensure a restful sleep during the night?”.

Try to pick sheets with a soothing and pleasant texture, meeting your wants and wishes. Also notice your bedroom’s conditions regarding temperature and humidity, then adjust them to answer your needs and preferences. 


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