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Elvy Charger

How does Elvy Charger protect us?

Elvy Charger is a wireless phone charger that enables you to sleep better by blocking up to 95% of your phone’s charging radiation and the blue light emitted from the screen.

How does it works?

Using a unique, patent-pending technology, Elvy Charger shields you from your phone’s radiation emissions. Elvy Charger does not affect the functionality of your phone; enabling you to sleep peacefully while still receiving desired notifications and your morning alarm.

Will my phone work while using Elvy Charger?

Of course! It took time, but after a lot (and we mean a lot!) of lab tests, we developed Elvy Charger to not only look spectacular and protect you from radiation but also to allow your phone to maintain its functionality! - Same habits, just safer :)

Does Elvy Charger fit all phone models?

All phone models that are equipped with wireless charging can charge with Elvy Charger. But no need to worry, if you do not have the wireless charging option (Qi compatible), you can use Elvy Charger to protect yourself as you charge with your regular charging cable.

How will I know if Elvy Charger is on and protecting me?

Whenever the shield is facing you, you are protected! Additionally, a dim light will turn on and light the logo once your phone is inserted and charging.

Warrenty & policies


After reciving your order, register your Elvy Charger online and activate your 1 Year warranty.

Sleep and radiation

What is EMF & EMR?

EMR - Electromagnetic Radiation. This is the radiation constantly emitted from everyday appliances such as a microwave and your cell phone (when charging).
EMF - Electromagnetic Field.

What are Alpha waves, and why are they essential for a good night's sleep?

Alpha frequency waves are brain waves produced during sleep cycles that are vital for our sleep quality and overall health. Electromagnetic radiation emitted from phone and charger interferes with alpha waves during sleep, affecting our sleep quality and causing us to wake up unrefreshed regardless of sleep time.

What is welltech, and specifically sleep tech?

Welltech enables us to live a better and healthier life – whether it be eating mindfully, exercising, or achieving a work-life balance. Sleep tech enhances your sleep so that you can live a full life during the day. That’s where Elvy comes in. We help you biohack your way to a better sleep

Is your product eco-friendly? is committed to promoting wellness for ourselves and our planet. We use environmentally friendly materials to ship the Elvy Charger and are constantly searching for innovative ways to make the world more sustainable.

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