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Elvy Charger - Single pack

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Elvy Charger - Single pack

Radiation-Blocking Charger for the ultimate night’s sleep

Elvy is a wireless phone charger that enables you to sleep better by blocking up to 95% of your phone’s charging radiation and the blue light emitted from the screen, all that while allowing you to receive messages and phone calls.

iOS & Android Qi-compatible
Secured payment
1 Year warranty

How our phone affects our sleep

Elvy Charger - the pro-sleep device for ensuring peaceful nights

Certified radiation measurements by an independent standardized EMC lab

Created with a patent-pending technology for blocking radiation (EMF & EMR) from your charger and phone, tests conducted by certified labs confirmed the Elvy Charger reduces EMR by up to 84.4% and Magnetic Field by up to 95%.

The charts bellow present comparative data of electromagnetic field measurement and electromagnetic radiation when using the Elvy Charger and leading market wireless chargers.  

Each chart displays a 360-degree spatial section of the radiation's intensity, blockage, and scattering in our environment.

How to locate your Elvy beside your bed

  • Input: 5V/9V DC 2A
  • Output: Up to 15W
  • Weight: 400 ±50g
  • Operating Temperature: 32°F - 95°F (0°C - 35°C)
  • Compatible with all Qi enabled phones
    (See max phone sizes bellow)
  • USB-C cable included
  • Power adapter not included
  • Dimension:
    6.77 × 3.93 × 3.35 in. (172 × 100 × 85 mm)
  • Inner (Max phone size):
    6.29 × 3.22 × 0.37 in. (160 × 82 × 9.5 mm)

The charging process may be interrupted if your phone has a metal case or any magnetic/metal plates on its back

Supports all Qi enabled phones

Both iPhone and Android - See table bellow.



After reciving your order, please register your Elvy Charger online and activate your 1 Year warranty

How does Elvy Charger help us sleep better?

Elvy Charger shields you from radiation and blue light, thus allowing you to sleep deeply and peacefully without worry or harm.

Does Elvy Charger fit on both side of the bed?

Sure! You just need a plug on either side.

Will my phone work while using Elvy Charger?

Of course! It took time, but after a lot (and we mean a lot!) of lab tests, we developed Elvy Charger to not only look spectacular and protect you from radiation but also to allow your phone to maintain its functionality! - Same habits, just safer :)

How will I know if Elvy Charger is on and and blocking the radiation?

Whenever the shield is facing you, you are protected! Additionally, a dim light will turn on and light the logo once your phone is inserted and charging.

Qi enabled phones supported by Elvy Charger

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