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Radiation-Blocking Charger for the ultimate night’s sleep

Elvy Charger is a unique wireless phone charger that enables you to reach quality sleep by blocking up to 95% of radiation emitted towards you while charging at night.

Blocks up to 95% of EMF radiation and reduces blue light exposure

Balance tech habits and
a healthy well-being

Keeps you available
while safely charging

Suits all wireless
charged phones

It all starts with
a good night’s sleep

Quality sleep is essential to our physical and mental wellbeing, enhancing mood, alertness, energy, and ability to focus.

Our sleep at night has a major impact on our next day. A poor night's sleep can turn the next day into a restless day, while a good night's sleep leads to a more enjoyable, creative and productive day.

Elvy Charger - The future of sleep

Compatible with all wireless charged phones
(iPhone & Android)
Lab tested & approved
60 nights trial money back guarantee
1 year warranty

They deserve
the best sleep

An opportunity to improve lives rarely occurs, when it does - we seize it.

Give yourself and your loved ones the chance to rest, refresh and sleep better by protecting your alpha brain waves from the damages of EMF radiation. Blue-light free falling asleep is much more convenient and faster, and an EMF-free environment creates the ultimate circumstances for higher quality of sleep. 

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"I'm really happy I purchased this device. For someone who struggles with falling asleep and staying asleep this device is a gamechanger. Thank you!"

Sam / US

"I always felt sleepy and tired and didn't know the reason until I decided to upgrade my sleep habits with your radiation blocking charger. I already feel the change, can't thank you enough."

Riley / CA

"It feel like I got back my sleep after a long time without it. This is such an easy and comfy solution, definitely one of the best gifts I ever got."

Jason / UK

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