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Radiation-Blocking Charger for the ultimate night’s sleep

Elvy Charger is a unique wireless phone charger that enables you to reach quality sleep by blocking up to 95% of radiation emitted towards you while charging at night.

Blocks up to 95% of EMF radiation and reduces blue light exposure
Balance tech habits and
a healthy well-being
Keeps you available
while safely charging

Suits all wireless
charged phones

It all starts with
a good night’s sleep

Quality sleep is essential to our physical and mental wellbeing, enhancing mood, alertness, energy, and ability to focus.

Our sleep at night has a major impact on our next day. A poor night's sleep can turn the next day into a restless day, while a good night's sleep leads to a more enjoyable, creative and productive day.

A good night's sleep has many benefits

Elvy Charger - The future of sleep

Compatible with all wireless charged phones
Lab tested & approved
60 nights trial money back guarantee
1 year warranty

Better sleep.
Healthier future.

Alpha brainwaves are predominant during times our brain is idle, calm and at rest. They are vital for relaxation and transiting into quality sleep and during non-rapid eye movement (NREM) stages of sleep. Numerous studies show that alpha brainwaves reduce anxiety and depression, increase creativity, enhance focus and allow our body to reach quality sleep.

Electro magnetic radiation obstructs alpha frequency brainwaves, interfering with our sleep.

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"I'm really happy I purchased this device. For someone who struggles with falling asleep and staying asleep this device is a gamechanger. Thank you!"

Sam / US

"I always felt sleepy and tired and didn't know the reason until I decided to upgrade my sleep habits with your radiation blocking charger. I already feel the change, can't thank you enough."

Riley / CA

"It feel like I got back my sleep after a long time without it. This is such an easy and comfy solution, definitely one of the best gifts I ever got."

Jason / UK

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