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Give your guests the meaningful gift of sleep

Why Elvy Charger

Elvy Charger is the pro-sleep device that every room needs. Blocking up to 95% of electromagnetic radiation emitted from phone and charger that interferes with alpha frequency brain waves which are vital for our sleep. Shielding from blue light that interferes with our circadian rhythm, and balancing between our tech habits and a healthy well-being.

Elevate your guest's stay with Elvy

Stand-out through value
Providing your guests with a peaceful, meaningful sleeping experience
Maximize customers experience
Rested and energized guests can enjoy the full experience your hotel has to offer
Integrate technology into your rooms
Modernize your rooms with a sleek, elegant device
Backed by science
Scientists, doctors, researchers and approved by 3rd party certified labs

Empower your dream team with Elvy

Peaceful nights, productive days - At we create solutions to ensure that people will get the sleep they need to get the best out of their own journey.

More reasons to be an Elvy Partner

Personalize Elvy to your organization's needs and atmosphere
Favorable pricing for qualified partners
Designed with people in mind to fit seamlessly on our bedsides
Compatible with your customers iOS & Android wireless charging phones
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