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Do’s and don’ts

Do’s and don’ts


Waking up spontaneously in the middle of the night? Maybe in the middle of the morning? You’re probably facing an important choice now: reach your hand to the phone or not.

Well, let me spoil the fun and say: DON’T.

After your sleep consistency has been interrupted, the main goal is to provide you with the opportunity to sleep enough, and good enough. Here are a few relevant choices:

Do and Don'ts - when you wake up in the middle of the night



  1. Keep it cool. There’s no drama. So many things can wake us up: a bad dream, a noise, light interruptions, etc. 
  2. Keep breathing. Practice some breathing exercises to reduce stress levels and wind down again.
  3. Keep it dark. Maintain your dark environment and reduce light interruptions as much as possible (especially blue light). 
  4. Try to think about the option of having a nap later in the day. Although it might not always be possible, just the mindset of the next opportunity to sleep can be relaxing and reduce the levels of stress about sleeping right here and right now. That will actually increase your chances of falling back asleep.

Remember! It’s possible that you woke up naturally because your body just finished refreshing and your alarm will ring sooner than expected. And in other cases, you’ll find yourself relaxed in bed for a few minutes and hopefully fall back asleep.



  1. Start scrolling. Your phone should really stay in your Elvy Charger. There’s actually nothing more important than your sleep right now. Try to avoid your phone in any case, yet the choice of social media might just be the worst one. Social media platforms are literally built to keep you inside, scrolling and engaging in different activities, and now, my darling, is not the right time.
  2. Panic. Even though stress is rarely a recommendation for better health, in the middle of your sleep it’s even worse. Sleep anxiety might appear, as well as other stressful experiences that will decrease your chances of falling back asleep. 
  3. Wake up your partner. That’s just not nice, there’s no point in interrupting someone else’s sleep (;
  4. Watch TV. Most televisions are not blue-light free adaptable, so chances are you’ll be boosting your sleeping environment with blue light that will probably make sure you stay awake for the next few hours.


Wishing you a good night’s sleep


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