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Top Elvy Tips for better well-being

Top Elvy Tips for better well-being


We asked 50 Elvy Charger users for their top sleep hygiene tips that had the biggest value for them. 
Here are the top 10 sleep hygiene tips on top of your Elvy journey. Enjoy!


Don't use your phone at
least 1 hour before bed,
and dim the lights in your
room to get yourself
into "night mode"


Opening some windows during
evening hours to renew
oxygen circulation


Lying in bed planning
my dreams for tonight



Don’t watch TV or eat
2 hours before going to bed


Spread a tiny amount of lavender oil on your pillow


Drink green tea one hour before bed


A clean sleeping environment:
Only go to bed when you are
clean and change the sheets
at least every two weeks



Stop eating anything 5 hours before you go to bed


Vacuum cleaning of my
bedroom on a daily basis
to improve air quality


Always have a piece of paper
and a pen by your Elvy,
ready to jot down any
nagging thoughts


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