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What do I mean when I talk about Bio-hacking?

What do I mean when I talk about Bio-hacking?

By Or Harel, Co-Founder & CMO 


Two years ago, my response to a question regarding bio-hacking would have probably been “what?”

But, when researching the wellness and sleep industry, trying to discover more and create solutions, I discovered the amazing world of biohacking.

So, what is #biohacking? According to a recent study published in The Journal of Trends in Biotechnology, biohacking is "a do-it-yourself citizen science merging body modification with technology". This is to say that the average person "hacks" their body using scientific concepts, tools, and technology.

During this journey, I realized that biohacking is not only one of the most fascinating fields to develop a career in, but also an essential tool and perspective that any entrepreneur needs, to be more successful and happy during this challenging period, and I urge everyone to learn more about biohacking methods and products.

Now that you’ve read this opening, you may be able to guess how excited I was to attend the Biohacker Summit last week, and to hear inspiring lectures from biohacking entrepreneurs and researchers. Two hours into the summit, I realized I had good reason and this will be an insightful few days for both our company and our future products, as well as for me as an entrepreneur. 

Here are some thoughts and tips I took that I would like to share with you:

Forgiveness - if we forgive someone who hurt us, we gain back power. People often believe that forgiveness is for the other side, but it actually serves the best interest of the forgiving side. Even more important than forgiveness to others is forgiveness to oneself since that is the only way to grow from one's mistakes and in our journey to build a company... 

During the summit the speaker #TimBiohacker shared with us 20 #biohacks we can begin tonight, and I will be happy to share with you my favorites: Have a life purpose & mission - often it is not about what we do, but the reason to do it. Another important tip is to surround yourself with great people, remember that the vibes you get and the faces you see have a huge impact on your day to day life.

Track your sleep - Our sleep is a key indicator of our health and critical for our mind and body, so track it. Simply because we can’t improve what we don't understand. Now for my favorite biohack - controlling your EMF levels during the night to improve your sleep, Tim shared with us that he checked many times the differentiation in his sleep regarding this and saw clear results. I truly believe there is nothing better than one’s self experience, try biohacking your sleep with and without EMF… Wait, how? I know a company that can help with just the perfect device... 🙃🙃

One last tip from me, find a job (or create one😎) that is truly interesting and deeply exciting to you in as many aspects as you can think of, to make sure your routine is connected to your passion...


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