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Optimizing Your Biohacking Journey: Insights from the Health Optimization Summit

Optimizing Your Biohacking Journey: Insights from the Health Optimization Summit

By Or Harel, Co-Founder & CMO 

The Health Optimization Summit in London was simply amazing. I'll be honest, I didn't have enough time to explore the booths or attend workshops and lectures during the summit. However, I couldn't miss Tim Biohacker's tips for 2024, and I'm glad I didn't. Not only did Tim recommend the Elvy Charger, but he also shared one of the most important principles of biohacking, which I want to pass on to you along with my observations.

Tim began his presentation by emphasizing the fundamental aspects of our lives that we can manage and optimize simply by making conscious choices and understanding their importance, such as nurturing loving relationships and getting enough sunlight. Before rushing to try the latest IV treatments or buying new technologies, he advised, ask yourself: Am I taking care of the basics?

To me, this is the essence of biohacking—choosing self-care, wellbeing, and happiness through simple, healthy daily routines. For instance, drinking enough water might be the most crucial hack, and I feel its positive impact every day.

While technology and products are essential for advancing our biohacking efforts (especially the Elvy Charger, which is a must-have😎) we must first establish a solid foundation by taking care of the basics.

I invite you to reflect on a few questions I pondered after Tim's lecture:

  • Do I have toxic relationships in my life?
  • Are the people around me inspiring and helping me grow?
  • What can I add to my daily routine to enhance my happiness?
  • Do I drink enough water (with sufficient vitamins)?
  • Is my mission and purpose clear to me? (Luckily, with Elvy, mine is!)
  • What could turn an ordinary or bad day into a fantastic, inspiring one?

There are many more questions and various ways to ask them, but what I really want to encourage is respecting the power of the right questions in the process. By searching for and articulating these questions, we discover what is most important to us and what might be missing.

If you haven't had the chance to participate in a biohacking summit or retreat, I urge you to give yourself this gift. It will be fun and help you plan your next steps in your biohacking journey.

For me, it was an exciting summit, and I promise myself to keep asking every day what my most important questions are and to answer them as a method to take my own biohacking journey to the next level.

Sweet Dreams, 

Or :)

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