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Movember time

Movember time

Have you noticed some new mustaches around you? Blue ribbons advertisement?
Well, no doubt this is Movember, the official men’s health awareness month! 


Over time, men’s health is one of the least discussed issues, due to a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, pain complaints are still suffering a bad reputation among society, and not all people find it easy to communicate their pain, even when it’s needed, Not to mention the shame surrounding the illnesses regarding the male’s reproductive system. During the last decade organizations all over the world have been promoting awareness and healthy communication regarding those issues and overall men’s health. 

Exposure to EMF & EMR are found among the causes of health deterioration among people in general and men in particular, as the most common life threatening situations are related to bad habits like smoking, unsatisfying nutrition and lack of physical activity.

Wait, so avoiding EMF radiation can actually improve my health? Yes! Definitely.

While avoiding illnesses can’t be proven, reducing the chances of them does occur when lowering the EMF radiation exposure.

Here are 3 important health aspects affected by EMF radiation exposure:

  1. Fertility - numerous studies have shown the effect of EMF radiation on sperm fertility. This effect is significantly important as fertility problems become more common in the past few decades. The good news is that it's reversible. Spermatogenesis (the process of sperm creation and maturation to its final stage) takes approximately 3 months. So changing habits today can actually present better results in a few months!
  2. Hair loss - a painful subject to discuss with young men, as its statistics are continuously increasing, today presenting 85% of men in the age of 50 years old defined to have significant hair loss. Sleep interruptions and overall low quality of sleep are an important cause of hair loss among men of all ages. Stress, lack of activity, tiredness and sleepiness are all contributing factors to the aging process, including hair loss, which is one of the most visible changes along the way. 
  3. Last but most certainly not least, mental issues - maybe the least discussed issue among men and the most underdiagnosed, as it’s considered shameful, or even weak. Well, we surely don’t think so, and moreover, we know how common this is, not to mention - treatable. Unfortunately, deteriorated mental states share most of its symptoms with low quality of sleep. Concentration problems, decreased creativity and patience, social problems and mood changes, along with blood flow interruptions and tissue accumulative damages. All together creating an overall poor status of the mind and soul.

We invite you to take a moment to think about yourself and your loved ones and embrace this reminder of choosing a better, healthier future. There are so many things we can’t change, why not try and improve the ones we can change? 


Wishing you a healthy well-being and a meaningful Movember,


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