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Simplified sleep science: Developing a Sleep Calculator

Simplified sleep science: Developing a Sleep Calculator

In the fields of sleep research, the RU-SATED questionnaire became a remarkable tool for assessing sleep health. It was carefully designed to evaluate six crucial dimensions of sleep: Regularity, Satisfaction, Alertness, Timing, Efficiency, and Duration. This tool's development was anchored in conclusive scientific studies, ensuring its validity and reliability across diverse populations.

The choice of the RU-SATED questionnaire is based on its well-established credibility. Researchers validated it through numerous studies, confirming its effectiveness in distinguishing between good and poor sleepers. Enabling the analysts a steady and accurate point of view of the participants. Its reliability was demonstrated by consistent results across different groups and over time, making it a trusted instrument in both clinical and research settings. 

Taking a deeper dive into the components of the questionnaire, the six dimensions of sleep being measured are:

  • Regularity: This measures the consistency of your sleep schedule. Regular sleep patterns, such as going to bed and waking up at the same times each day, contribute to better overall sleep health.

  • Satisfaction: This evaluates how satisfied you are with your sleep, being the most subjective measure of the questionnaire. It encompasses the quality and restfulness of your sleep, which affects your daily functioning and well-being.

  • Alertness: This assesses how alert and awake you feel during the day. Good sleep health should result in higher levels of daytime alertness and reduced feelings of fatigue. This measurement can be compared to your own alertness levels at different times or to those of others for a meaningful comparison.

  • Timing: This component looks at the timing of your sleep periods. Sleeping during the night and maintaining a consistent bedtime are crucial for aligning your sleep with natural circadian rhythms. Day and night have different influences on melatonin levels and other hormonal cycles.

  • Efficiency: This measures the proportion of time you spend actually sleeping while in bed. High sleep efficiency indicates that you fall asleep quickly and stay asleep throughout the night.

  • Duration: This assesses the total amount of sleep you get each night. Adequate sleep duration is essential for physical and mental health, with most adults needing around 7-9 hours per night, accurate sleeping hours by age can be found in “How much sleep do we really need?”

However, the story of sleep quality doesn't end with just a questionnaire. Modern technology introduced new challenges. EMF radiation from devices like smartphones and Wi-Fi routers was found to disrupt sleep patterns. Similarly, blue light emitted from screens suppressed melatonin production, making it harder for people to fall asleep. Awareness of these factors became crucial for improving sleep quality.

By using the RU-SATED questionnaire, everyone can gain a comprehensive understanding of their sleep health. It empowers the identification of specific areas that need improvement or can be enhanced. Coupled with practical steps of sleep hygiene, like reducing EMF exposure and minimizing blue light before bedtime, people can significantly enhance their sleep quality.

Integrating the RU-SATED into a sleep calculator offers personalized insights of your sleep patterns, indicating the quality of your sleep hygiene. This approach helps you make informed decisions about your sleep habits, ultimately leading to better health and well-being. The journey to restful nights and rejuvenated mornings is paved with knowledge, and tools like the RU-SATED are invaluable guides on this path.

With the new Elvy Calculator we wish to empower more people to get a better understanding of their sleep health and receive relevant and practical tools to enhance sleep hygiene based on personal preferences. With time, we’re sure that sleep knowledge will become the bread and butter of health approach and overall well-being indicator. 

Wishing you a good night’s sleep


References and credits:

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