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Greener sleeping environment

Greener sleeping environment

Have you ever wondered how a green environment influences your sleep? Well, as it turns out, creating an ecological sleeping environment is one of the most useful and easy choices to make while trying to upgrade our sleeping quality.

The greater amount of positive effect of plants is due to their amazing ability to improve the air conditions. They can upgrade the air both on the inside and outside environment by reducing CO2 (carbon di-oxide) levels and producing O2 (oxygen). Having an oxygen-enriched environment, when it’s created naturally, can have an amazing effect on so many body & mind processes: increasing concentration and creative thinking, improves muscle strength during exercise or rest and much more.

Some plants have even a further beneficial impact over our sleep, creating a balanced air conditioning in our sleeping environment:

  1. Sansevieria trifasciata (Snake plant): by filtering out air toxins and improving oxygen air levels, it can upgrade your sleeping environment in a blink of an eye, also easy to care for and has low light tolerance. 
  2. Aloe vera: not only for skin healing, Aloe vera can purify the air by filtering pollutants, making sure to provide its environment with the cleanest air.
  3. Lavender: that's a popular one, with its calming scent, lavender is known for promoting relaxation, falling asleep and staying asleep, while also purifying the air and reducing stress.
  4. Gerbera jamesonii (Gerbera daisy): These ones are for the color lovers! With their colorful beautiful flowers, Gerbera jamesonii are known for their ability to remove air pollutants, making them an ideal choice, adding to your sleeping environment both beauty and well-being at once.
  5. English ivy (Hedera helix): being one of the easiest choices, this plant tolerates low light conditions yet has significant air purifying capabilities by filtering out air toxins and decorating the bedroom just perfectly.

Adding plants to your sleeping environment can definitely improve the air quality, yet it’s not a replacement for a good ventilation system. In addition to creating a greener bedroom, make sure it also has adequate airflow to ensure both your health and your new plants’ well-being.

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