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Behind the scenes of bedtime stories

Behind the scenes of bedtime stories


In the enchanting twilight hours, as the world outside fades into a hushed stillness, a timeless tradition unfolds in homes around the globe: the bedtime story. It's a cherished ritual, one that extends far beyond mere entertainment or relaxation. As we drift off to sleep, these stories weave intricate tapestries of imagination and emotion, shaping the very fabric of our dreams.

This is not our first mention of bedtime stories in “Sleep Talking”, yet we know so little rituals that are as widely common, profound and with such influence on sleep hygiene. Their influence extends far beyond the realm of fantasy, these tales imprint themselves upon the canvas of our subconscious, painting vivid landscapes of wonder and possibility.

So what is it about bedtime stories that makes them so enduringly captivating? Perhaps it's the sense of intimacy they foster, as parents and children come together in the soft glow of lamplight, their voices weaving intricate melodies of imagination and love. Or maybe it's their profound impact on our emotional and cognitive development, shaping the very contours of our dreams and aspirations.

Way before the company started, Or,’s co-founder and CMO, wrote a bedtime story dedicated to her first niece as her first gift. 

Somewhere beyond the cloudy skies, down a vast green hill, and along the winding bright road, where the stars shine as brightly as they can, lies the land of wishes. They say that everyone has a different path leading to this enchanted realm, which can only be found while pursuing one's dreams. No one can show you the way or provide directions; you have to discover it for yourself. I've even heard that the way to the land of wishes is unique to each person, and even the land itself appears differently to each and every one of us. They say that when you arrive, you just know you're there, so don't worry, I'm sure you'll recognize it when you find it. 

Nowadays, with AI tools, the opportunity to write a personalized bedtime story for our loved ones becomes available and the process is almost easy. Every idea can transform into a book in a matter of seconds, relevant drawings and photos can be added in no time and there is actually no limit for creativity and imagination. This can also be used to cope with stress, fears and nightmares, gently addressing scary issues or on the contrary, creating the perfect destruction. 

Undoubtedly, we tried it ourselves! We’ve gathered ideas, elements and stories from’s employees and asked chatGPT to create our own bedtime stories. Here’s the result:

Mommy's Peaceful Nights

Emma and her little brother Jack were trying to think of the perfect gift for their mom. Mom always worked so hard taking care of them, and they wanted to give her something really special this year.

"I know!" exclaimed Emma. "Mom is always saying she has trouble sleeping well because of her phone." You see, Mom kept her phone on her nightstand so she could check it first thing in the morning before getting the kids ready for school.

"That's it! We should get her that cool phone cover that blocks the blue light and radiation that can disrupt sleep," said Jack excitedly. "And it even charges her phone wirelessly while she sleeps!"

Emma and Jack were so proud of their idea. They used their allowance money to purchase the special phone cover. On Mother's Day morning, they excitedly gave it to Mom.

"This is wonderful!" Mom exclaimed, giving them both a big hug. That very night, Mom placed her phone in the new cover on her nightstand. The blue light was blocked, and she didn't have to worry about radiation bothering her sleep.


A Night of Sweet Dreams

Tyler and his sister Sophia knew their mom worked incredibly hard every day. As a nurse, she was on her feet, taking care of others from dawn until dusk. The siblings wanted to find her the perfect Mother's Day gift this year—something that would help her recharge after her long, tiring days.

"I've got it!" Tyler exclaimed one afternoon. "Mom always says how the bright light from her phone disturbs her at night when she's trying to sleep."

"You're right," Sophia agreed. "And I heard that maybe the phone and the radiation interfere with quality sleep."

After school the next day, the brothers went shopping. They found a special phone cover that blocked the disturbing blue light and radiation from phones. Even better, it wirelessly charges mom's phone while she sleeps!

On Mother's Day morning, they could barely contain their excitement when Mom opened their gift. "That's so thoughtful! You know how important sleep is to me after my 12-hour shifts."

That night, Mom put her phone inside the protective cover on her nightstand. For the first time in months, she slept through the night without buzzing notifications or bright screens disturbing her peaceful slumber.

The next morning, Mom came out refreshed and energized, ready to take on the day. From then on, she looked forward to putting her phone in its cozy cover every night for a night of sweet and refreshing dreams. 


The Moonlight Guardians

Miki shot upright in bed, her eyes wide with fright. "Mommy! Mommy!" she cried out into the darkness. 

Within seconds, Mom appeared in the doorway, her messy hair glowing in the dim hallway light. "What's wrong, sweetheart?" She scooped Miki up in her warm embrace.

"M-Monsters!" Miki whimpered, clinging tightly. "Monsters are everywhere in my room!"

Mom gave a reassuring smile. She knew Miki's imagination could run wild at night. She hugged her daughter close, carried her into the kitchen and turned on the soft overhead lights.

As Miki sipped the warm milk Mom prepared, her eyes were drawn to the nightlight on the counter—a special cover that went over Mom's phone. "What's that, Mommy?"

"This is my new moonlight guardian," Mom explained. "It covers my phone, so no bright screens or sounds can disturb my sleep."

Miki's eyes grew wide with wonder. "Does it protect you from monsters?"

Mom chuckled. "In a way, yes. It keeps hazards like blue light away so I can sleep peacefully through the night."

An idea sparked in Miki's mind. After finishing her bedtime snack, she patted the cover with her little hand. "Can the moonlight guardian watch over me too? So the monsters stay away?"

"Of course, my love." Mom placed the cover on Miki's nightstand, positioning it like a sentinel. Its soft glow filled the room with calming moonlight. 

Tucking Miki back into bed, Mom gave her a warm kiss on the forehead. "Now you have your very own guardian watching over your dreams."

As Mom padded back to her own room, she smiled, knowing both she and her child would sleep soundly and monster-free under the night's protective gaze.


With the understanding of how meaningful bedtime stories can be, knowing that they have such an impact on children’s night’s sleep, next day and overall life experience, it feels like finding a hidden treasure. Not like many other factors of promoting well-being for our children, bedtime stories are very modest with what they demand - only time and attention. Given the accessibility and user-friendliness of these incredible tools, it's practically certain that the next time inspiration strikes for a story you wish to create, you'll dive right in and bring it to life. We eagerly await to discover the new fresh narratives you’ll craft.


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